Towards safe, secure and organized maritime sector in Jordan combined with high safety and quality levels and opening new investment opportunities in the maritime sector.
Achieving the highest International standards for organizing, control and developing of the maritime sector in Jordan including legislation, transportation modes, services and human recourses taking into account the protection of the marine environment and enhancing the maritime safety and security to enhance the competency of the sector and provide best services to customers.
Our Core Values
1. Loyalty.
2. Quality.
3. Transparency.
4. Team Work.
ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified by DNV
His Majesty King Abdullah II Bin AL Hussein His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II

Commercial Law
Ballast Water Management Convention
Online Certificate Verification
Ship Registeration Fees
MLC 2006 Decleration
Jordan Maritime Commission
Welcome to Jordan Maritime Commission (JMC) Website .     ::  A law restructuring the institutions and government departments for the year 2014, was issued where the name of Jordan Maritime Authority was modified to become the Jordan Maritime Commission as of 30 April 2014
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