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In the name of God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God, Muhammad and his companions.

Every morning and in spite of everything, in this life there is something worth living for, we took it upon ourselves in the Jordan Maritime Administration and regardless of all the challenges we face in doing our duty to preserve the security and safety of the marine and the marine environment through the regulation, control and development of the sector The marine port, preserving the vibrant marine lifeline, and raising the reputation and prestige of Jordan’s only sea port, and the smiling port of Jordan, which is the link between Jordan and the outside world through ships that visit Jordan. A port with the goods they carry from all countries of the earth without stopping and with the highest standards of control.

The Port of Aqaba has highlighted Jordan as the competitiveness of the Port of Aqaba with neighboring ports makes us work tirelessly and will remain the key to building a sustainable future for a sustainable planet.


Director General of the Jordan Maritime Commission

Roles ...

 Maritime Safety, Security, Environment :

Enhancing maritime safety and security, efficiency of navigation and prevention and control pollution from ships to increase the efficiency of the sector and provide best services to customers

Maritime Safety, Security, Environment
Ship Registration Under Jordanian Flag

Ships Registration under Jordanian Flag :

Follow up of Jordanian ships wherever they are, and ensure their commitment, Implement, as well as national legislation and the international instruments signed


Ensure that all ships that calling Aqaba Port to enter the territorial waters implementing, complying the international instruments and in accordance with the requirements of the Mediterranean Memorandum of Understanding for the control of the port state.

Ensure that all ships that flying the Jordanian Flag wherever are, is implementing, complying the international instruments and The Jordanian national Regulations

Regulating And Controlling The Maritime Sector

Regulating and Controlling the Maritime Sector :

Achieving the highest international standards for organizing, control and developing of the maritime sector in Jordan including legislation, transportation modes, services and human resources.

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